About Mike Turner

Mike will help you grow your business by analyzing the unique needs of your company and build from the ground up a custom digital marketing strategy that will let you maximize potential opportunities while at the same time mitigate possible threats. These efforts will help you achieve a reputation that enthralls consumers and makes them come to you.


As a nationally recognized Author, CEO, a top business consultant, Global Business Management major, and an expert in the reputation marketing space, he has been thriving in the small and medium business industry of the USA for more than a decade now.


Being a rockstar business consultant and trainer serving thousands of business owners, he has worked successfully with some of the most successful corporate internet marketing firms in the country including several industry-leading technology companies. Because of his innate prowess in business development consultancy, he has been helping them increase revenue, decrease costs and be more efficient in their business.


As a strategic entrepreneur, he also has several companies under his belt, as well as a consistent track record of successful ventures both offline and online. He has personally spoken with, consulted and assisted thousands of small business owners.


This well established business man is a certified digital marketing expert and business consultant and also has a unique experience to understand the concerns, problems, and challenges that small business owners face on a daily basis as well as a deeper understanding of what it takes for these business owners to be more successful.